No matter the industry, every business wants to ensure that their customers are getting the very best experience possible. User Experience (UX) is the process of ensuring that every interaction that a client has with your brand is as positive and engaging as possible.

When it comes to creating the most engaging website or apps, focusing on User Experience is essential and can provide you with a huge array of benefits, including:

1. Increase conversions

One of the biggest reasons UX is important for websites and apps is that it helps to increase your conversions. Research has shown that 39% of website visitors will leave if it takes too long to load, while mobile users are five times more likely to visit a competitor if your site is not optimized for smartphones. However, a well-designed website or application can improve conversion rates by 200%.

2. Boost your SEO

Of course, it’s not just about improving conversions. Search engines want to ensure their users are being directed to the best destinations possible, which means they reward websites that focus on UX with greater visibility.

3. Saves time and money

Focusing on UX from the start of the project will help you save time and money. Trying to implement these changes later down the line often requires extensive reworks and adaptation, which can be a costly and time-consuming revision.

Need help with your User Experience?

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